furnishings, rugs, lighting

Every livable space needs its fundamental pieces: somewhere to sit, sleep and set things, as well as lighting to see it all. The foundation includes the basic furniture and lighting elements to make your home a livable place to rest your head at night. 

The Essentials

kitchen, bedding, bath

Leave all those tired, overused everyday items behind, and let us stock your space with shiny new necessities. The essentials includes every important element your hands need to reach for on a consistent basis — from bed and bath linens to cooking and baking goods. 

Tailored Elements

accents, art, table top & accessories

A collection of furniture doesn’t create a home reflective of its inhabitants – thoughtful accents sprinkled throughout does. Tailored elements are an important finishing layer to create a well-designed, complete space – art, sculptures, pillows and throws, tabletop décor, plants, coffee table books (reflecting your interests) and more. Allow us to make your home look as if it belongs in a magazine with the perfectly curated assortment of finishing touches.

Tailored Elements.jpg

The Perfectly Stocked Home

dining & entertaining, housekeeping & organization

Ensure you have everything you need to fit your lifestyle. From a fully stocked bar, fridge and pantry, to all the cleaning essentials, organization tools and toiletries you require, we’ll have your home perfectly outfitted to your needs.